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You guys ever heard about this newish outfit called Tvinna and their newest video The Gore? Well, neither did we. But it was a pretty cool fall surprise.

To find Fabienne Erni (Eluveitie) in full gothic metal make-up on an electronically challenged Pagan Folk piece is not something I did quite expect to see this year. But once we found Laura Fella (Faun) and Fiona Frewert (also Faun) on the list of that very same roster, the RMR deck crew had to give this new video a try.

Together with Fieke van den Hurk, Rafael Salzmann (Eluveitie – again), and Jasper Barendregt (Dodecahedron), this relatively new horde forms the band Tvinna. An outfit seeking to – and I quote – “… unleash the female force within everyone…”, no less. Well, there you go, that’s a noble goal right there.

Their first video The Gore comes across like an electronically toned-down version of a mix between Wardruna and Heilung. The female chanters’ voices disintegrate into a pretty quiet prose, something with a subdued power on a bed of tasty percussion. A tune that appears to be more reflective than the more exuberant styles of the two formerly mentioned bands.

All of that ritual goodness is shot against a grayish backdrop of a lot of – what looks like – the Northern Wadden Sea. And what better background could there be than those tidal mudflats with their sometimes almost mystical weather patterns.

Whilst we found the delivery of this specific track a bit flat and monotonous at times, the video nonetheless piqued this crew’s interest big time. There’s an underlying quality and a lot of outstanding talent that whisper of further delights down the road. And we’re thus eager to discover what folksy treats the upcoming album will wash onto our shores.

So, without further ado, here’s The Gore from Tvinna.

LabelBy Norse | Web: Official Site
Release date: 22 November 2019

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