Newsflash: Empty Trail are Lost!

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Ah, Rick Lambert and his band Empty Trail are on the prowl again. And this is interesting, in a geeky and telepathic kind of way. Just a few short weeks ago I wondered whatever happened to this band I once used to cover.

Yet here we are.

After the pretty sturdy Hollow Hearted of 2014 and the less juicy 2016 full-length record Bare, they are now back in business. With their newest, yet decidedly very short EP Lost. And we all hope that the title is not meant literally.

True, the RMR deck crew wasn’t too thrilled with the last offering, but things have changed. A lot. I now find the iron fist of Heavy Rock crashing down on my earphones. With a pretty snazzy quality that does still remind us of that kinda feel-good Desert Rock, at times. Empty Trail now boasts a deliciously crunchy beat that will keep pace with any of them new rockers out there.

And that is jolly good news.

Last Bullet, Bear Bone Company, Vinyl Hero, or again Hey Satan come to mind, to mention just a few. And interestingly, a lot of the impulses we get in this genre these days do come from North America.

Now, Lost gets us real emotion served on a platter of red-hot rock. Love, hate, lies and other brutalities act as this high-octane fuel to make this very specific and rocky table turn. And – compared to before – at a much more mature level than the former two releases compared.

The RMR head office is adamant. Empty Trail are going places. And if Lost – short as it may be – is anything to go by, then we really look forward to their next full-length that is sure to come our way.

Keep ’em coming, folks.

Label: Golden Robot Records  | Web: Official Site
Release date: 18 October 2019

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