Diabulus in Musica – Dirge for the Archons (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Diabulus in Musica - Dirge for the Archons - Album CoverOften in the #metal universe a new album is somewhat of a Pandora’s Box. Or the bottle with the genie that once released won’t fit back into it. Now, I had somewhat of an issue with Argia last time we looked at Diabulus in Musica. And the juicy comments from some punks from the Ministry of Love to get lost over it were interesting too.

The dreary black career cliff a band must navigate around usually looms at the sophomore effort. With Diabulus in Musica it was the junior record that got them to this sorry chunk of rock. I was thus a bit wary of what I would find in DiMs latest and best. But – lo and behold – the tune changed into something else. Loki be praised! More lively, rockier, lighter in taste and much more substantial too. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Diabulus in Musica – Argia (2014) – Review

Whoa! Now some of my partners in crime in the reviewers arena are going to be pissed off - and some of their faithful fans alike, who like this band so much. So many very good reviews and - I just cannot get too warm with this record.

The 3rd album of Diabulus in Musica, oh yeah, the much awaited and hyped about.

Again, it is a very complex album, like their last one 'The Wanderer'.