Nemesea – In Control (2007) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review Nemesea In Control - Album CoverI hear Amaranthe calling! Most definitely. Well, so WRONG! Yonder band did not exist yet when the 2nd studio album In Control from Nemesea came to see the light of day. And they went straight over the edge of the flat and rocky Gothic Metal World, finding themselves in a DJane ready club world universe, where painted goblins reside.

What a change of direction going Pop Metal on me (evil tongues would say electro-pop … but I am not evil; well only sometimes). Or should we say Synthie Pop? Nope, the Metal aspect is clearly there still, whereas a bit hidden in the cupboard somewhere. And I would call ‘In Control’ Gothic Metal only with a LOT of reservation, albeit some remnants continue to exist. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Nemesea – The Quiet Resistance (2011) – Review

I am torn. The record I like, yet something is bothering me. This 2011 concoction of Nemesea - a Dutch Gothic Rock band - is actually not bad, but somehow it lacks some juice.

Very well sung by their front woman Manda Ophuis, it somehow is just ... Gothic Rock.