Dio – Holy Diver (1983) – Review

Last updated on 14 March 2021

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RockmusicRaider Review - Dio - Holy Diver - Album Cover

When – in 1982 – Ronnie James Dio defected from Black Sabbath and got his own band in a tearing hurry, we were all kind of scratching our heads. Not knowing where this was all going to end. Of course, also counting the fact that Vinnie Appice took off with him on this flight from the witches.

The vapors surrounding their somewhat abrupt departure were pregnant with disconsolate news. About infighting at Black Sabbath, all about power and who should be calling the shots. And am I not surprised: The alpha-males [...] Click to raid more!

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970) – Review

Last updated on 31 December 2020

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RockmusicRaider - Black Sabbath - Self-Titled - Album Cover

We always like to reach back into the distant past when the first Black Sabbath album saw its light of day! These were the days where the future still looked bright and was full of woozy promise. And we heartily welcomed these renegades from England with their truly unique sound.

As the lore goes, the band recorded their self-titled album in a drug-induced fog, in a 12-hour session over one single fucking day. A classic album recorded on a live set, no less. In other words, they just went in, played, and created a … [...] Click to raid more!

Black Sabbath – 13 (2013) – Review

Last updated on 4 October 2020

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RockmusicRaider Review - Black Sabbath - 13 - Album Cover

Ha! They can still do it! The grumpy old men from Black Sabbath in the original formation. Minus the drummer, I would hasten to add. Because it looks like Bill Ward had issues with a contract, a written contract to be precise. Something he could sign – or more the lack thereof. And he of all people should know that contracts with the devil are not signed. Or then only in blood.

Now, Black Sabbath‘s latest, but hopefully not last album 13 hits us with full force. It comes indeed across as much more powerful, louder and sinister [...] Click to raid more!