Evanescence – The Open Door (2006) – Review

Lithium, I am longing for lithium! Only this eases my own and very private pain. This is how the 2nd studio album 'The Open Door' of 'Evanescence' comes across when you start listening.  

In the beginning I was not too convinced about this new record, knowing that 'Ben Moody' left in a hurry in October 2003 in the midst of the 'Fallen' live tour. After all he played a key role in the creation of the last album. Also, other band members left as well after that, leaving Amy being the undisputed leader of this band.

Evanescence – Evanescence (2011) – Review

Hmm! What a total and sad downgrade from the heights of 'Fallen' to this album, named right after the band's name 'Evanescence'. Only that the evanescence - true to its name - of this gig seems to have finally disappeared completely.

First signs of this to happen already appeared in their former record 'The Open Door', where one could observe a certain lack of direction and oomph, but still some good stuff to cover there, though.

This one here, however, tops it in the negative arena.