Dark Portrait – A Harrowing Atrocity (2016) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Dark Portrait - A Harrowing Atrocity - Album CoverWe kind of felt that this may turn out to be the unholy year of Black Metal. And – indeed – it proved black in more ways than one. Like the fucking 50 shades of gray gone very dark and blood-laden all of a sudden.

We enjoyed Ritual Black Metal from the likes of Darkend. Loads of Atmospheric stuff coming our way too, which seems to be the new, sometimes almost sanitized blackened style of the day. Played a lot by dudes without corpse paint.

And now Greek fire starts to get on our mutual radar screen.

And I [...] Click to raid more!

Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions (2011) – Review

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Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions - Album Cover


Angela Gossow in full form and going strong, like an angry cheetah. Expert delivery of Melodic Death Metal at its best really is the specialty of Arch Enemy. And it just blasts you out of your reverie into paying attention to what is going on in your earphones.

The 2011 album Khaos Legions is the last one to date featuring Angela Gossow and Christopher Amott. Ironically, in 2014 the latter had to replace one of the guitarists leaving in a hurry in the midst of the War Eternal tour. But only temporarily until Jeff Loomis arrived in November [...] Click to raid more!

Arch Enemy – War Eternal (2014) – Review

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Arch Enemy - War Eternal - Album Cover

I know, okay? You hardcore fans would like to have Angela Gossow back. But you know what? Ain’t gonna happen, and Alissa White-Gluz is pretty good and spits these lyrics out quite aggressively herself.

Young Alissa was hand-picked (so I am told), whisked unceremoniously away from her old gig The Agonist by Gossow to take over after she departed from active duty. The latter still appears to remain the manager of the band, though. And hey, if you want her back, just switch back to albums like Khaos Legion, which is a pretty cool piece of work by itself.[...] Click to raid more!