Nanna Barslev – Lysbærer (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Nanna Barslev - Lysbærer - Album Cover

Neo-Pagan and Dark Folk fascinate me, in a geeky kind of way. It’s an archaic multiverse of sorts that seeks to recreate long bygone times that were – supposedly – aligned to Gaia’s consciousness. You know, those times when we were all dancing around the fires and painting weird symbols on rocks.

You got the amplifiers of Heilung for instance, the folks that weirdly howl around the stage claiming they got a grip on all that history thing. RMR covered Gåte not many moons ago for their newest folk piece.1) Wardruna, Einar Selvik’s (not so) new outlet, garnered some … [...] Click to raid more!